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Radioshop Pickups T Shirt

Available by popular demand! Made from 100% Cotton and featuring a small Radioshop logo over the left breast and a large logo on the rear of the shirt. White logo on black shirts coming soon too so watch this space!

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Price: £20

Stratocaster Baseplate

Made in the UK and designed by Radioshop, our Strat Baseplates are for those of you wishing to add bass and Tele-like growl to an existing Strat pickup. Made from mild steel and straightforward to install.

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Price: £11

Auricap Guitar Capacitor

If you really want to push the boat out and you ‘play’ the tone pots on your guitar enough to justify the extra expense then give the Auricap XO Capacitor a go! Is it worth its steep price tag? Well, yes – we certainly think so here at Radioshop!The biggest difference we’ve noticed in our workshop guitar since installing the Auricap is its ultra smooth retension of bass as you roll off the tone. A really nice cap for your guitar project. Available in Fender 0.047mf value only.

Buy Auricap Guitar Capacitor

Price: £27

Russian Paper-In-Oil Guitar Capacitor

Paper in Oil Capacitors are very popular with guitarists when upgrading a guitar’s wiring and these reflect a very nice upgrade over OEM caps in terms of the smoothness and transparency they offer when installed to the tonepot of a guitar. Available in ‘Fender’ 0.047mf value only.

Buy Russian Paper-In-Oil Guitar Capacitor

Price: £6