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Cory Scanlon, Recycled Pedalboards, New York City, USA – ID:Chris Buck Signature Strat Set

“These ID:Chris Buck pickups are AMAZING! Probably the best I’ve ever played, which is saying something because I’ve played just about every brand out there. I’m in absolute LOVE”

Peter – Malmo, Sweden – ID: Chris Buck Signature Strat Set

“Probably the best pickups I’ve ever heard in a Stratocaster!”

Chris Buck, Buck and Evans – Vintage ’63 Specials

“They sound AMAZING! I played the Strat all night at the show on Saturday night and just couldn’t put it down. I’ve fallen in love with it all over again.”

John Campbell, Are You Experienced? – Vintage ’63 Specials

“Having tried more replacement Stratocaster pickups than I care to remember, when browsing again at yet even more I spotted something that caught my eye – Handwound Vintage 63′ pickups!

I contacted Paul from Radioshop and he explained the difference between the wire used on the pickups and supplied sound bytes which were nice and simple to show the tones rather than the playing. I explained that I play in a Hendrix tribute and the era of his sound that I was after, also that I would want the pickups with a Left Hand magnet stagger although I use a right hand guitar.

The turn around was very fast and the pickups arrived in a very classy box embossed with the company name. Each pickup was individually wrapped and they came with a Certificate of Authenticity. After fitting the pickups to my Alder body/ Maple neck and plugging it in I noticed straight away the clarity and perfect string to string balance.

After 10 mins fiddling with height adjustment and effect pedals/amp controls there it was! The sound I have been after for a very long time. Even the notorious middle pickup sounded great and the inbetween Strat quack was a joy to behold. The pickups have all of the vintage Strat tones but are not thin sounding which an awful lot of the Big Named pickups I’ve bought before suffered from. Dig in and they growl, back off the guitar volume control and they sing as sweet as any you will hear.

Radioshop Pickups will I’m sure become a name to be respected in the world of after market pickups, and deservedly so.

Thanks for helping get the sound that was in my head guys. Good luck!”

Ed Purcell, The Phantom Light – ’62 Jazz Bass Set

“I used my Jazz bass at a gig last night with my new Radioshop pickups fitted. They absolutely nail that classic, vintage growl and have all the subtle character that’s missing from most modern mass produced pickups. I had a well known brand of after market pickups in there for more than ten years but the difference a set of proper custom hand wound pickups makes is amazing. Even my drummer noticed the difference!”

Richard Thomas, Trade Street Riot – Classic ’58 Deluxe PAF

“Big thanks to all at Radioshop Pickups who turned my bashed up old Les Paul into practically a brand new guitar! New pickups sound AMAZING! Can’t believe the difference. Just need to find a mirror to play ‘holidays in the sun’ in front of and I’m virtually in the Pistols!”

David, via email – Gretsch Filtertron Rewind Service

“Hi guys, thought I’d give you a heads up on the Filtertron upgrade you put together for me. I’ve now run them back to back against another pair of aftermarket Gretsch Filtertrons for comparison. I’d say that they’re 10-15% lower output than the others, and what that does is to sweeten up the bass response. Filters have a reputation for being a bit mushy in the low end, with a weak response to the high E. This wind seems to even up the tones across the string range, which for old school rock and roll works really well. You can do those boogie woogie bass runs really clearly now without being too boomy.

Where it really works is with Chet Atkins, Travis picking. I use a pick on the bass strings and pluck up on the rest. A more even output allows a better control on the melody notes, meaning you don’t have to pull on them as hard to balance the bass end, sweet stuff indeed.

All in all, a very useful pickup, and a very happy me.”

Andy, Bristol – Studio ’63 Specials

“I installed the pickups and tried them out last night at rehearsal.
 My bass player (not knowing I had switched pickups) commented on how good my amp sounded! 

They are certainly are different from the previous pickups, and for me have a warmth and roundness in the mids and top end that I was missing from the alnico 5’s. Your pups are the perfect missing link for my pink Strat project and our instro music!”

Simon, Cardiff – Studio ’54 Specials

“What really impressed me was the musicality of your pickups. I’m not a rock player; I play in a funky soul band, so I play clean most of the time and I do a lot of rhythm work using jazzy three note chord voicings and lead licks, rather than all out blazing solos. Your pickups seem very well balanced across the full range of bass, mid and treble tone. On top of that they have a real sweetness and warmth that works great for the style of music I play.”