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Loaded Pickguards

Our Strat pickups how you want them – loaded to a pickguard of your choosing for simple installation into your guitar. Choose ‘Traditional Connection’ if you are happy to solder the three solder points that you will be left to do (2 on the jack and 1 for the ground from the tremolo claw) or our ‘Solderless Solution’ if you would like us to remove the headache of soldering altogether. Our Solderless Solution offers connection to your guitar via a terminal on the volume knob instead. All you’ll need is a mini screwdriver to install your pickups and you’ll be enjoying your new Strat tones in no time. As well as offering transformative Strat tone, with a myriad of colour options on offer, our loaded pickguards are also an opportunity for a facelift for your guitar. Now all that is left to do is navigate the options! Hmm, light mint green or marbled tortoiseshell? Click on our colour options section here to see examples of our pickguards and our wiring options here to see how you can vary what the switch and knobs do for even more tonal versatility.

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