There are a number of excellent videos on YouTube, by ourselves and others, talking about and showing off the sounds possible from our handmade pickups. You can enjoy below or also visit our YouTube Channel Radioshop Pickups to see many of them and also our range of ‘How to’ videos showing how to solder, set pickup height, humbucker polepiece height, install baseplates and much more! With a new video being added most weeks, our channel is well worth a visit!

Making a Guitar Pickup

Those of you who follow our social media pages will be very familiar with seeing snippets all the time showing how we hand make our pickups. Well, in this video we thought it was high time we put all of those snippets together and showed the process of making a single pickup from start to finish. We’re extremely proud of how we make each and every one of our pickups and feel this video captures what we put into each one for our customers. We hope you enjoy this video where we take you through every process in making a ID:Chris Buck bridge pickup – from hand bevelling the magnets and dipping the bobbins in nitrocellulose to handwinding, soldering, reduced wax potting and more – it really is a tour of our art in pickup making.

Our Online Guitar Soldering Course

A recent addition to our growing YouTube Channel is our Soldering Course for Guitarists. We realise how daunting soldering can be for many of you so we thought we’d help out by creating a series of Step by Step lessons to help you to become more confident with soldering and guitar modding. The series is in its infancy currently and we aim to add at least two videos per month (pickup making workload allowing!) with each new video showing a different aspect of guitar mod soldering. We’ll aim to cover everything from equipment and technique to soldering to pots, switches, jacks and much more. We’d love to hear what you’d like to see in the series so feel free to drop us a message to request something for a future video. Check out lesson one below where Paul Best goes through the equipment needed to get started and gets you to fire up the soldering iron to learn how to control your solder flow. Well worth hitting ‘Subscribe’ and ringing the bell for this one!

Developing Our ID:Chris Buck Strat Pickup Set

It was an absolute pleasure to film this video with the wonderful Chris Watkins of Chris Watkins Media and, of course, Chris Buck! In this video we talk about how we developed our popular and innovative ID:Chris Buck Strat pickup Set, show snippets of how we make the set and you’ll also hear some rather sweet playing from Chris through his favoured Highway One Stratocaster.

£3000 Strat vs £60 Strat

We had a lot of fun making this video! Get a real feel for what a set of our pickups can do for your guitar as you watch Chris Buck and ourselves take to the streets to find a cheap guitar to upgrade with Chris’ signature pickups and put up against a Custom Shop Strat in a blind test. Is the best sounding guitar ‘Stratocaster 1’ or ‘Stratocaster 2’? Let us know what you think!

The Lick Loft ID:Chris Buck Strat Set Review

We simply have to give a huge thanks to Danny and all at UK based YouTube Channel The Lick Loft! Having purchased a set of ID:Chris Buck Strat pickups for their own studio Strat, they’ve made a review video for the set which has just knocked us out! Some real tasty playing here we think you’ll agree and they’ve got Chris’ signature set singing beautifully. Check it out and please remember to hit ‘Subscribe’ on their channel if you enjoyed as they have lots of gear reviews and lick lessons coming very soon.