Below is a list of guitar makers and luthiers who we are immensely proud to make pickups for. It is a hugely rewarding process watching their guitars come together and playing a part in their final sound and we’d love it if you’d check them out via the links below. If you are also a luthier and would like to feature our pickups in your build please get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.

Gray1 - Radioshop Pickups 1

Gray Guitars

Based in Teddington, London and fast becoming an exciting name in the guitar industry for his celebrated and innovative solid body electric guitars, Tom Gray is certainly one to watch for the future. His guitars are enjoyed by many renowned guitarists including Graham Coxon (Blur), Tim Renwick (10cc & Pink Floyd band) and Josh Smith to name just a few. His hugely entertaining interview on Anderton’s TV can be seen here and his recent review video by YouTube hit Justin Guitar featuring a full trio of Radioshop Pickups here.

Check them outGray Guitars website

Meyrick logo - Radioshop Pickups

Richard Meyrick

A very well known maker to those of you who follow our Radioshop Pickups YouTube Channel, Richard Meyrick is a hand maker of fine acoustic and electric guitars based in Abergavenny, Wales. Richard recently made a Rhossili OM acoustic for Radioshop’s Paul Best, a video review of which you can see here. His builds offer tone which is second to none in our opinion and his custom options offer a level of customisation leading to highly individual and personal instruments which the owner can cherish for a lifetime.

Check them outMeyrick Guitars website

Bravewood - Radioshop Pickups

Bravewood Guitars

As long time admirers of their instruments, we are very proud to announce that we will now be supplying pickups to Somerset’s Bravewood Guitars. Whether it be a ’62 S Type build, ’57 3 Tone Sunburst or Mk II P Bass build – every single one of John’s creations are hand crafted with highest attention to detail and are always ridiculously droolworthy. We’ve got to get our hands on one one day!

Check them outBravewood Guitars website

IMG_2460 - Radioshop Pickups

MB Guitars

A very proud addition to the Radioshop lineup of luthiers. MB Guitars’ fine instruments are the creation of Ashford in Kent’s Mike Bowes. Featuring classic S and T type builds which are nothing short of forensic in their attention to vintage detail, Mike’s instruments are making some serious waves on social media and like all of the builders on this page have us seriously GASing for a purchase ourselves. Very tasty guitars indeed – you must have a look!

Check them outMB Guitars Facebook

SC Relics - Radioshop Pickups

SC Relics

Those of you who know what it is to suffer from ‘GAS’ should probably stay clear of Scott Cameron’s (The SC part of the name) website SC Relics. One look at any of his custom finished and relic’ed bodies and necks and you’re sure to be hovering over the ‘Order’ button in a frantic state! Whether it be a stunning two tone S type 50s body, a butterscotch 52 T style or, our personal favourite, a pink paisley T style, Northern Ireland based Scott’s finishing service would take some beating worldwide in our opinion and you won’t be disappointed. We’re hoping to feature one in action on our YT channel very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Check them outSC Relics website

ALB2 - Radioshop Pickups

ALB Guitars

One for the future and an early adopter of our pickup offerings, Newport based Adam is a highly imaginative and skilful guitar maker we’re looking forward to seeing more from in the future. Keep an eye on his facebook page to see how his craft develops in the coming years, but the early signs are that his guitars will be very special indeed.

Check them outALB Guitars Facebook

42street - Radioshop Pickups

42nd Street Guitars

A highly celebrated and talented guitar maker who we first became aware of after seeing her ‘R-Cab’ Cabronita style guitar on display at Bath’s Vintage and Rare, 42nd Street Guitars’ Angela Arnott is a luthier of whose work we’ve long been admirers. Her builds are highly original and refined ‘twists’ on familiar designs which have been regular earners of plaudits in the UK press. Pop over to her website and you’ll be a fan too!

Check them out42nd Street Guitars website

TJS-Square - Radioshop Pickups

ALB Guitars

A talented guitar maker working with tone woods which are never anything less than stunning, head over to TJS Facebook now to check out his fine range of guitar bodies and you’ll be sure to be GASing for one for your next project.

Check them outTJS Custom Guitars Facebook

De-Lacy-Guitars - Radioshop Pickups

De Lacy Guitars

First introduced to us as the man behind high quality guitar parts supplier ‘CD Guitars’, Chas de Lacy is also a highly individual maker of fine electric guitars. Rarely coming up for sale and usually snapped up quickly, his builds are superb in fit and finish and the tone woods are simply stunning. Enquire through his parts website or just browse and obtain the remaining bits and bobs for your existing guitar project by clicking on the link below.

Check them outDe Lacy Guitars/CDGuitars

Millman - Radioshop Pickups

Millman Guitars

Another, primarily acoustic, guitar maker we are hugely proud to add to our luthier list is Devon’s James Millman. On his website you’ll see stunning examples of his fine work and those who follow his social media will almost daily see images of his guitars which will undoubtedly have you drooling. A Brazilian Rosewood Tele build featuring our 52 Tele pickups set was a recent highlight and a guitar we’d love to get our hands on!

Check them outMillman Guitars website