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A simple yet genius bit of pickup design, the Strat pickup has been responsible for so many classic and awe-inspiring tones since its inception in 1954. A great Strat pickup set delivers unparalleled warmth in the neck position, a forthright, harmonically rich rhythm tone from the middle and full bodied, balanced bite from the bridge pickup. And that’s before even getting started on those gorgeous, warm, shall we say even ‘spanky’ in-between tones. We are so proud of the Strat sets we offer you for your enjoyment in your guitar. Each one has been carefully designed with love by us and the only thing we could be accused of is offering too many! If you find our array of Strat pickups bewildering, please see our FAQs where we have posted a guide on how to choose the perfect one for your project. From our vintage inspired ’57, ’63 and Monterey sets through to our own design ‘ID’ (Increased Dymanics) sets which offer innovative twists while still tonally being in the classic mould, there is truly something great for everyone.

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