HSS Loaded Pickguard


Choose from multiple Humbuckers, pickup sets, connection type, colours, right or left hand, wiring choices and relicing. Build your pickguard:

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Includes: Reliced Polepieces, Covers, Pickguard, Hand Reliced Knobs and Tips as standard
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Now available are our Strat sets in HSS loaded pickguard form. Your choice of handmade Radioshop Strat pickup set installed into a handwired, loaded pickguard filled with all lovely stuff: Industry Standard USA CTS 250k Potentiometers, Oak Grigsby 5 way Switch, Switchcraft Input Jack and a 0.047 Sprague Orange Drop Capacitor. Handwired and soldered with vintage spec cloth covered hook up wire and ready for easy installation into your guitar.

As always with Radioshop, what you see listed on our here is merely us scratching the surface in terms of what we’re able to put together for you. Listed below are the three most requested HSS pickup combinations from our customers and the ones which we feel balance best from our line. A range of wiring and switching options are available – you can see our 5 most popular wiring options in the images. Please email if you have an alternative wiring setup or a different single coil/PAF combination in mind and we’ll be more than happy to put your dream pickups lineup together for you.

ID:Evolution Strat

A set of our ID:Evolution Strat neck and middle pickups combined with one of our PAFs is, in our opinion, the absolute dream setup. Designed to give classic Strat tone with a vintage humbucker style output, our ID:Evolution single coil pickups with their slightly enlarged Alnico V magnets are superb for giving that hallowed classic rock tone and with one of our PAFs in the bridge position it’s a match made in heaven.


ID:63GT Strat Set

One of our most popular Strat sets for good reason! Our GT set offers classic Strat tones with a modern tweak – by staggering the magnets through the bottom of the bobbin as well as the top, the set offers a choice of radius to suit your fingerboard exactly. Each polepiece is exactly the same height meaning perfect string to string volume. With an ever so slightly boosted output over Vintage pickups, the GTs push your amp into overdrive a little earlier and balance beautifully in a HSS situation.


ID:Chris Buck Signature

Our most requested HSS combination – our ID:Chris Buck Strat HSS set matches one of our PAFs in the bridge position with a middle and neck pickup from our ID:Chris Buck Strat pickups set. Celebrated for its classic, vintage Strat tone but with boosted presence, dynamics and clarity, the ID:CB set offers unrivalled warmth in the neck and middle positions and offers Chris’ most used position 4 inbetween sound. Match them perfectly with our lower output ‘The Radioshop PAF’ or ‘Electric Spanish PAF’ or, for the braver souls amongst you, go for the ‘Radioshop PAF PLUS’ if it’s supreme hard rock soloing in the bridge position you seek.



  • Set of 3 pickups – Bridge Humbucker, Strat Middle, Strat Neck
  • Choice of any one of our Bridge position humbuckers
  • Choice of Middle and Neck pickups from our ID:Chris Buck, ID:63GT or ID:Evolution Strat Sets
  • Available in standard and ‘Solderless Solution’ format
  • Choice of Pickguard and Pickup Cover Colours
  • Choice of wiring setup – see our options in the images
  • 3 x USA CTS 250k Potentiometers (1 Volume, 2 Tone) with Sprague 0.047 Orange Drop Cap
  • Oak Grigsby 5 way selector switch and Switchcraft Input Jack
  • Option to upgrade to our full Radioshop Relic treatment with Reliced ‘guard, Polepieces, and covers. The Relic option adds our hand bevelled knobs & aged tips as Standard
  • Choice of Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity Middle Pickup for hum cancelling in Positions 2 and 4 or ‘Vintage Spec non RWRP


Watch: ID:Chris Buck Strat HSS Pickup Set


Delivery By default all of our pickups are shipped with Royal Mail who we find to be excellent both within the UK and Internationally. Their rates enable us to offer prices that are very reasonable for our customers and the timeframe is great for the vast majority of countries. We find that, once despatched, Royal Mail tend to take 1 working day within the UK, 2/3 working days within the EU, 4/5 working days to North America and Worldwide. These are guidelines and of course some countries differ and the level of ‘officiousness’ in customs departments differs massively worldwide. If ordering from a country which is notorious for taking a while to process imported goods (we can think of a few!) please build this into your expectation on the timeframe after despatch. How long will it take to make? As a small pickup maker handmaking within an extremely busy workshop we expect to complete all pickups sets within 16-20 working days (Relic’ed orders 5 days longer). We sometimes work quicker than those timeframes and we’ll always endeavour to finish your pickups as quick as we are able to of course. We can sometimes process a rush order if you have an upcoming, important concert or perhaps if you are buying for a relative’s birthday etc - feel free to message and we’ll always see what we can do.